Why are many products packed in plastics today?

And what should be done with the packaging when it becomes waste?



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The commercial success of plastics as a packaging product is due to a combination of flexibility (from film to rigid applications), strength, lightness, stability, impermeability and ease of sterilisation. These features make plastics an ideal packaging material for all sorts of commercial and industrial users.


Plastics food packaging, for instance, does not affect the taste and quality of the foodstuff. In fact, the barrier properties of plastics ensure that food keeps its natural taste while protecting it from external contamination. Moreover, the material's unparalleled versatility is demonstrated in a multitude of applications such as packaging films for fresh meats, bottles for beverages, edible oils and sauces, fruit yoghurt cups or margarine tubs.


The following are just some of the benefits offered by plastics packaging:

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